Saturday, September 19, 2015

Destiny's New Xur Item 'Three Of Coins' Is Already Breaking The Game

Xur is back in Destiny’s Taken King expansion for the first time, and as has been noted, he’s changed quite a bit. He now isn’t guaranteed to sell a weapon each week, and everything now costs Strange Coins, not Motes of Light, making his prices quite a bit steeper. Space inflation!
But the most significant change to Xur is the fact that he now sells an item called “Three of Coins.” It’s a consumable that increases the chances of an exotic drop from your next boss kill. If you use it, and it doesn’t work, the next one has an even greater chance of dropping an exotic. This continues until you actually get one, and then it starts over. Xur sells the item in packs of five for seven coins, and the drop rate appears to be roughly one exotic engram for every five coins if you’re lucky, or every 8-10 if you’re not.
This is a neat mechanic as it allows pretty much all players to experience the joy of an exotic dropping even if they’re not geared for the Raid or the Nightfall. And it’s more engaging than just buying stuff from Xur himself, which is frankly, a bit dull (unless it’s last year’s Gjallarhorn day).
The problem? What qualifies as a “boss.”
While I was worried this would be confined to Raid or Nightfall bosses and be overly restrictive, that isn’t the case. In fact, they’ve run the opposite direction, including all types of bosses in any part of the game at any difficult level which is breaking the game to the point where it actually needs a hotfix.

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