Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Jason Pierre-Paul posts video of workout, a glimpse of hand

The Giants might have finally found out how many fingers Jason Pierre-Paul has last week, but now the world knows.
Sort of.
Amid reports that his comeback isn’t happening any time soon, the Giants franchise-tagged defensive end posted a workout video to Instagram last night, vowing to return to the team soon.
Via the New York Daily News, the 14-second video came after their sources said there was “a lot of damage” to his right hand. That wasn’t immediately evident in the grainy video — you can tell the index finger is missing and there are bandages on his thumb and middle finger — in which he’s shown dragging 270 pounds on a weight sled.
Attached to the video, Pierre-Paul wrote: “God can turn any situation around for the better. Your hard times will lead to the best times of your life. Don’t believe the hype … Be back soon! #90PC #ImAFighter#PutMeInCoach.”
That last line sounds like a plea to the Giants to reconsider, after they reportedly told him to come back in six weeks when they deemed him not ready to play. He’s hoping to be able to return then, but the Giants don’t sound as sure, with a source saying: “We just don’t know.”
Pierre-Paul was scheduled to make $14.8 million this year, but he’s losing $871,000 each week he doesn’t sign and play. The Giants can wait until Nov. 17 to rescind the tag if they want, but there’s no apparent reason to do so now.

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