Tuesday, September 29, 2015

George Zimmerman goes on depraved Twitter rant after retweeting picture of Trayvon Martin's corpse

George Zimmerman's Twitter trolling has reached a new low.
Days after retweeting an image of Trayvon Martin's corpse, Zimmerman went on a depraved Twitter tirade Monday afternoon, spewing racist rants and boasting about "mocking all you trolls."
The man who shot and killed Martin three years ago also gave out an apparent stranger's phone number, referring "all media inquiries" to the unsuspecting man.
"Gee..I sure hate offending people that have plotted and tried to kill me and my family..." Zimmerman wrote with one tweet, with a photo matching President Obama with Virginia murderer Vester Flanagan.
A representative for Martin's family told the Daily News they will not comment on Zimmerman's frenzy.
Zimmerman flew off the handle days after he seemed to boast about killing the 17-year-old Martin.
Over the weekend, an admirer tweeted him a photo of Martin's body, which was used as evidence for Zimmerman's trial. The user called Zimmerman a "one man army."
Zimmerman, a former neighborhood watch guard, retweeted the graphic pic to his 11,000 followers. It stayed up for days before Twitter took it down.
He started fighting back against critics Monday, in tweets that were simultaneously self-pitying and self-aggrandizing.
"I wonder when Twitter will take these images down???" he wrote with old "Wanted" posters showing his face.
In another tweet, he gave out the cell and work numbers for Micah Williams, an auto worker in Clarksville, Tenn., who was tagged in the tweet with Martin's death photo. Zimmerman incorrectly called him "Ms. Micah Williams."
Williams did not return request for comment, but one coworker told The News Williams was slammed with "thousands" of harassing calls after the tweet.
"We're going to get another one as soon as you hang up," another coworker said.
It's unclear if Zimmerman and Williams previously knew each other.
Near the end of his outburst, which spanned one hour, Zimmerman posted a photo of himself smoking a cigar on a beach.
"As much as I love owning all you trolls I have to work... On my tan!" he wrote. "Tell 'Karma' she's worthless, God protects me."

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